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I am a self-taught jewelry artist with a background in music and graphic design.

I was born and raised in Moldova and lived for more than a decade in New York City. I presently reside in Vancouver, Washington.

Pencils and paints have been my favorite tools of self-expression since I can remember. As a child, I could sit and draw for hours, paying little notice to the time.

Once, on a hot summer evening, I heard “Moonlight” Sonata. I fell in love with it and decided to devote my life to music. It would come to pass that I would first earn a bachelor’s degree in music, and secondly – and much later, an associate’s degree in graphic design.

I began working with beads when I started making ballroom dance costumes for my daughter. Sawing a ton of beads onto a dress was not exactly a task I would look forward to.

Later I decided to fix a pearl necklace I had brought back from one of my trips. I was 35 and bored with mainstream jewelry. Then I had an idea of decorating a tank top with beads… I have been stringing beads and bead weaving ever since.

At first, I made jewelry to wear at work. Then I created a matching necklace for an evening dress. I was looking to save money on jewelry that I would only wear once, but at the same time, I realized I can express my style through those pieces.

Today, I still design asking myself” Would I love wearing it?”

I primarily work with seed beads and natural stones and use fabric or other materials from time to time. I receive inspiration for my work from fashion, nature, and from the numerous museums I have visited around the world. Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of my work presented here.

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What is happening now?

I currently work on jewelry for new retail places and Relux Collection.

Recently I published two new necklace patterns: Kangra and Boann.

Svetlana - owner and designer of Svetlana.Gallery

Svetlana – owner and designer of Svetlana.Gallery

“Welcome to my virtual gallery of beaded jewelry. Here you will find little treasures to wear and express yourself as well as quick beading lessons and short  jewelry tutorials. I hope your world will sparkle a little more after this visit! Enjoy!” – Svetlana

Selected jewelry created by Svetlana in 2017

2017 Beadwork and Bead Embroidery Projects

2017 Beadwork and Bead Embroidery Projects

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