Lana's Fancy Spiral Technique Is A New Way To Make An Old Spiral

There are millions of spiral patterns out there. Fancy Spiral is not one of them.

Lana's Fancy Spiral Pattern And Tutorial - Svetlana.Gallery

Lana’s Fancy Spiral Pattern And Tutorial

It is not as complicated as CRAW, not as labor intensive as Celini, not as time consuming as twisted herringbone spiral technique.

When my beading friend first saw my fancy spiral necklace, she exclaimed:

Spiral has never been fancier before!

Fancy Spiral creates and effect of a separate spiral woven around the strung necklace.

If you have tried RAW, twisted herringbone, Celini or peyote beaded ropes, you will be surprised how quick this fancy spiral can be created comparing to the ones I listed.

It also gives you the opportunity to combine two spirals in one and wear it together. Or – separately. Depending on a mood!

This pattern calls for 3 x 6 mm Czech faceted glass beads. Several colors of these beads are available in my shop.

You may also use other disk beads that are 6 mm in diameter. For example, metal disk beads.

Lana's Fancy Spiral With Metal Beads

Fancy Spiral With Metal Beads

Another great idea is to use pearls or round beads instead of disk beads. Just make sure they are close to 3 mm in diameter. Some freshwater pearls don’t have holes large enough to go through them twice with your needle. Therefore, you might want to check pearls first. The alternative option for pearls may be glass pearl which is usually perfect for beading.

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All accessories presented here were completed using Fancy Spiral Technique

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