Largo Bead Pattern - The Beauty Is In Details

Largo bead pattern is perfect for bracelets, necklaces or earrings. With some connection variations it is possible to adapt to any jewelry creation.

Largo Bracelet Bead Pattern And Tutorial

Largo Bracelet Bead Pattern And Tutorial

Largo Bracelet Pattern features Mini Duo beads which are used in the center of every element. Mini Duo beads look like a smaller version of Super Duo beads and help a bead artist create more delicate forms and add more details to their jewelry.

As usual, each step in this pattern is illustrated with high quality graphic diagrams. Thread paths are included also. People, who prefer using diagrams, can easily construct the bracelet without reading instructions.

Hex beads can be substituted with #8 seed beads and make the design look smother. Personally, I prefer hex beads because they are mostly used as accents.

Largo Earrings Bead Pattern And Tutorial - Cover page

Largo Earrings Bead Pattern And Tutorial – Cover page

Largo Earrings Pattern is designed with the same beads except for 3 mm round beads instead of Firepolished beads and with the addition of 12 x 8 mm tear drops as accents.

Largo Earrings complement Largo bracelet, but can certainly stand along as a fashionable accessory.

Color Tips

The details are not the details. They make the design. – Charles Eames

  • Consider using two colors of Firepolished beads: one color for the Point A and another – for the sides of the motif. Also, you can match one color of Firepolished beads to the color of Mini Duo.
  • Try using two colors of #11 seed beads. If the color of Hex beads is matching the color of chosen #11 seed beads: pick another color only for beads that lay right next to Hex beads.
  • Would you like a monochromatic design? No problem. Consider using matte #11 and glossy #15s, or the other way around. Pick either shiny Mini Duo, or Hex beads of the same color. Try using matte color of Hex beads, if you would definitely like using two-color shiny Firepolish beads.
  • Pick similar or darker colors for Hex beads and Firepolished beads and lighter contrasting color for Mini Duo and seed beads. This way you will create and outline effect.

Largo Pattern Gallery

All accessories presented here were completed using Largo Pattern And Tutorial

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