Nabia Bead Pattern - Sparkle Just Enough!

Nabia bead pattern is perfect for necklaces or earrings. I haven’t try making bracelets using this pattern yet, but I think with some connection variations it is possible to adapt to any jewelry creation.

Nabia Earrings Bead Pattern And Tutorial Cover Page

Nabia Earrings Bead Pattern And Tutorial

Nabia bead pattern features Crescent beads and Swarovski crystals . Seed beads and firepolished beads add details and help you choose more colors for your earrings if you prefer to include more.


As my other patterns, this one is also illustrated with high-quality graphic diagrams. Each circular row is explained. Thread paths are included also. People, who prefer using diagrams, can easily complete this project without reading instructions.

Color Tips

Nabia Bead Pattern Gallery

Keep calm and always sparkle!

Nabia beaded element sparkles enough to attract attention and draw curious spectators closer. Crescent beads reveal only as much as you would want to look mysterious.

When it comes to color, it will be fun to experiment!

Consider using two colors of 3 mm firepolish beads. Here are three ways you can do that:

  • Use additional color only in the first row.
  • Use additional color only in the three-firepolish-bead-segment between Crescent bead segments.
  • Use additional color only for the two firepolished beads that are connecting first row with the second row.

Nabia Pattern Gallery

All accessories presented here were completed using Nabia bead pattern and tutorial.

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