Tyna and Riletta are elegant designs for bracelets with Diamond Duo and Crescent beads. Instructions are easy to follow and adapt to your creative genius. Both bracelets can be made in many color variations and combinations. Have fun and let your imagination lose.

Riletta Bead Pattern - The Modern Medieval

Riletta Bead Pattern Tutorial Cover

Riletta Bead Pattern Tutorial

Riletta Bracelet Pattern features Crescent beads and glass pearl or round beads.

The two color versions of this design are the most popular. The shape of Crescent beads resembles the braided fabric.

This gives you an opportunity to customize Riletta bracelet to match your outfits.

Riletta is a relatively quick project. Why not make more than one? You can make a set of these bracelets for yourself, friends and family.

Tyna Bracelet Bead Pattern - The Geometric Harmony

Tyna Bracelet Pattern Tutorial for Diamond Duo or Iris Duo beads

Tyna Bracelet Pattern Tutorial

Tyna Beaded Bracelet Pattern And Tutorial is a delightful design for a bracelet with Diamond Duo or Iris Duo beads. That’s right! You choose which beads you’d like to use for this bracelet project and make two different bracelets following one bead pattern tutorial.

This bracelet can be completed in one weekend or even several hours. It is and fun to do in a beading group get-together.

Tyna bracelet can be made with one, two, or even three colors of  Diamon Duo or Iris Duo beads.

You will enjoy wearing it because the inner side of the bracelet feels smooth and pleasant to touch.

Several Tyna bracelets together may create a bohemian style impression.

Color Tips

“Color does not add a pleasant quality to design – it reinforces it.” — Pierre Bonnard

  • Two contrasting colors of the Crescent or Diamond Duo beads is a good choice to start with.
  • Try using two different bead surface finishes of the same color for the Crescent beads in Riletta. See the “hematite” version of this bracelet below.
  • Use two tones of the same color for the featured beads in both designs. For instance, dark blue and light blue.
  • Pick darker colors 11/o seed beads to “frame” the design.
  • In Riletta design, for the 8/o seed beads choose same or similar color to the color of the featured beads.
  • Tyna looks good with one color of Diamond Duo beads.

Riletta And Tyna Bead Pattern Gallery

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Riletta Bracelet Beading Kits

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Riletta Bracelet Beading Kits

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