CRAW Stitch Bracelet Idea with Labradorite Beads - Svetlana.Gallery

CRAW Stitch Bracelet Idea with Labradorite Beads

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Every one of us has a pack of beads in a stash that didn’t quite make it into a beading project. Not yet. There are million of reasons why. Some of them can even be excuses! I didn’t know what to do with them, or I couldn’t quite match the colors to use them in […]

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Bead Shopping in NYC - Bead Center - Inside of the shop view

Bead Shopping in New York City

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Bead shopping in New York City can be rather expensive, but how could I possibly miss this opportunity? Going out to visit bead shops in Manhattan gives me the chance to get to know what components New Yorkers like to create with, when they are in a jewelry-making mood. New York retailers are known for […]

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5 Books To Read About Beading - Svetlana.Gallery Blog

5 Books to Read About Beading

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There are million books written about beading. This article is for you if you feel lost as I was when I started to learn beading techniques. I can recommend many but today I will focus on 5 books that will help to lay a great foundation for your future beading success. I will explain why […]

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Moonfire Glass beads in Custom Order Necklace

Moonfire Glass Beads

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July 10, 2015 I wish I could pass a bead vendor without looking at least once in my life. Beads, especially glass beads, are so tempting! They are calling, they are inspiring, they are asking to be adopted. Transparency is what I like about Moonfire Glass beads. However, there is more to discover when you […]

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