Iris Flower Delica Bead Color Palettes - Palette #2

Iris Flower Delica Bead Color Palettes

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Do you get inspired by colors of blooming flowers? After a recent visit to an iris farm in Salem, Oregon I was so inspired by great colors of irises that I had trouble falling asleep for several days. I enjoyed looking at photographs I made and imagining designs I could create using these colors. My […]

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City Style Beaded Bracelet Idea - Peyote Stitch Metallic Colors - Svetlana.Gallery Beading and Embroidery

City Style Beaded Bracelet Idea

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Did you notice, city style fashion preferences often do not include too many color variations? When in a city, it is always safe to wear black, gray, white or muted tones of blue, green, burgundy, purple and pink. A bright color is often combined with one of the safe colors. Therefore, jewelry preferences reflect “safe” […]

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How to use color cards for beadwork design - Svetlana.Gallery blog

How To Use Color Cards For Beadwork Design

Posted Svetlana Color, Tips

Not good at color matching? No problem! Let your local paint store do that for you! If you haven’t painted a wall in your house recently, chances are you passed by a local paint store many times without even thinking that it could help you design your next beadwork piece.  Just walk in and head […]

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The easiest way to select colors for bead embroidery

The Easiest Way To Select Colors For Bead Embroidery

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It is not a secret that color is probably the first most important factor in the art creation. Color attracts spectators and creates an emotional impact. Deciding on colors for the bead embroidery piece is as important as choosing other elements such as techniques, stitches or beads. I already wrote on basics of color palette […]

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5 Steps To Creating Better Color Palettes - Blog

5 Steps To Creating Better Color Palette

Posted Svetlana Color

Selecting colors of beads for a bead project is my first step towards the completion of the beautiful piece. It is fun and exciting process, but I wasn’t always that great about color. As an artist who was very comfortable with black and white drawings, but always wanted to paint, most of the time I feared […]

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Trying Different Colorways for Beadwork Tip (1)

Trying Out Different Colorways for A Bead Pattern

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What do you do with a leftover thread when you finish a bead project? I save it! A piece of thread long enough to string a dozen of beads can serve me again and again! Here is how! Color harmony is important for me. I am sure it affects even those who know nothing about […]

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