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City Style Beaded Bracelet Idea

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Did you notice, city style fashion preferences often do not include too many color variations? When in a city, it is always safe to wear black, gray, white or muted tones of blue, green, burgundy, purple and pink. A bright color is often combined with one of the safe colors. Therefore, jewelry preferences reflect “safe” colors more than any other color in a city wardrobe.

City Style Beaded Bracelet Idea


When you want to make a beaded bracelet for in a city style, you will be safe choosing black, gray and white beads.
I used:

  • 5 mm gray freshwater pearls
  • 4 mm “hemalike” cube beads
  • 11color-lined seed beads black
  • 8metallic seed beads in hematite color
  • 8opal-gray seed beads
City Style Beaded Bracelet Idea - Peyote Stitch Metallic Colors

City Style Beaded Bracelet Idea


I like magnetic tube clasps for peyote bracelets, but you certainly can come up with any other clasp you like, including a beaded one.
Some people like making a bracelet first and then decided on a clasp. I say no to this freedom of choice simply because I like making bracelets that fit a specific size. Knowing the size of your clasp ahead allows you to calculate the size of a bracelet to the millimeter.
I matched the clasp color and finish with “hemalike” beads. The more metal, the better!

Peyote Base

Start with a peyote base 14 beads wide using 8o opal-gray seed beads. Weave using a peyote stitch until you reach the desired size. Keep the size of chosen clasp in mind.

Decorating The Bracelet

Use these instructions for a peyote stitch bracelet idea! For City Style bracelet I used the same technique of creating loops of 11o and 8o seed beads over a peyote base. The trick is to make it look random. At this point, you step away from instructions and let yourself go wild. Don’t spill the beads all over your room though!
By wild I usually mean creative!
Place a couple of pearl beads next to each other, then make a “forest” of seed bead loops, then place one cube, and make more loops next to it. Soon, by experimenting, you will find your rhythm of placing elements. I can assure you, your bracelet will be like no other – unique and beautiful.

City Style Beaded Bracelet Idea - Peyote Stitch Metallic Colors - Svetlana.Gallery Beading

City Style Beaded Bracelet Idea – Peyote Stitch Metallic Colors

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Happy beading!

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  • Rookie Beader says:

    Thank you sharing. Great pictures too. How long it might take for a beginner to make this bracelet?

    • Svetlana says:

      The base of the bracelet is relatively fast to make. I’d say, 2-3 hours. The decoration part of the project depends on your creative muse. I enjoy the process of designing as I go, and don’t count hours 🙂

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