Azalea After Rain. Flowers - my inspiration! Photo portraits of Azalea, Rhododendron, Columbine, Rose, Fuchsia - Svetlana.Gallery Photography

Flowers – My Inspiration! Photo Portraits Of Columbine, Azalea, Rhododendron, Fuchsia, Rose

Posted Svetlana Photography

One of the sources of my inspiration is my garden!
Flowers start blooming early in spring! Many colors paint up my front and back yard starting from February to late May. At this time of the year, flowers become my inspiration for more colorful beaded jewelry projects. I love photographing them at the different times of the day and under different weather conditions. Sometimes weather dictates the mood; sometimes I see an interesting spark on a flower in the evening sunlight; no matter what calls me to take my camera outside, I find images of flowers inspiring.

Sources of Inspiration


A combination of colors in flower can serve as inspiration for most beautiful color palettes. Natural color palettes are more popular because they are seen and accepted by our eyes and mind before we even process this information consciously.

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A shape of a flower has been used in many designs: textile, decorative objects, graphic design. Jewelry designers are always fascinated by all kinds of shapes and sizes of flowers.

Sculptural Details

If you look at the flower elements, each sculptural part of it may convey the ideas of abstract objects. Building these objects from beads or any other materials such as clay, paper, wire, may also help a designer create a unique art piece.

Photo Portraits Of Columbine, Azalea, Rhododendron, Fuchsia, Rose