Right Angle Weave Stitch Basic Beading Instructions

Right Angle Weave Stitch Basic Instructions

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Right Angle Weave stitch is one of the off-loom beading techniques. Beaders also use an abbreviation and call this stitch RAW. RAW is very versatile stitch and can be used for many different purposes in the beadwork design. To start experimenting you need to understand the basics of it. ABC of RAW In Three Easy […]

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Blue Lace Agate Pendant and Earrings Set

How To Teach Yourself CRAW Stitch

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Cubic Right Angle Weave is called “the most versatile stitch” for a reason. I can’t imagine a thing this stitch couldn’t do. Serving many functions in beaded jewelry, CRAW is capable of adapting to numerous different beadwork applications. Ever since I learned it, I keep redesigning my already existing jewelry pieces in my mind using […]

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Earrings With Ripple And Mushroom Button Beads Tutorial - Svetlana.Gallery

Earrings With Ripple And Mushroom Button Beads Tutorial

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Ever wondered what to do with those beads you just bought? I totally understand! This was me when I first saw mushroom button beads! They looked so interesting and attractive, but what could I possibly make with them? It took me some time to find an easy way to create a simple yet very interesting pair […]

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Merry Berry Pearl Bracelet - Front - Svetlana.Gallery

Peyote Stitch Bracelet Idea

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Peyote stitch is relatively easy and wide known off-loom bead weaving technique. It is incredible how many different designs you can create using this technique. Today I would like to share one simple idea how to create a beaded bracelet with a peyote base.  I sold several bracelets of this kind recently. You might like […]

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