Beaded Earrings Idea Inspired by Kangra Pattern -Svetlana.Gallery

Beaded Earrings Idea Inspired by Kangra Pattern

Posted Svetlana Beading Ideas

Kangra design is perfect for necklaces, but adding a little more imagination and a couple of extra beads, you can make a pair of earrings to complete the set. Recently I went to a party wearing Kangra necklace, and several people were curious about this design. They found Kangra alluring and captivating. Suddenly one woman, […]

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CRAW Stitch Bracelet Idea with Labradorite Beads - Svetlana.Gallery

CRAW Stitch Bracelet Idea with Labradorite Beads

Posted Svetlana Beading Ideas, Beads, Tips

Every one of us has a pack of beads in a stash that didn’t quite make it into a beading project. Not yet. There are million of reasons why. Some of them can even be excuses! I didn’t know what to do with them, or I couldn’t quite match the colors to use them in […]

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Beading Resolutions

Beading Resolutions

Posted Svetlana Tips

What do you want to achieve next year? What would you be proud of accomplishing? What is more realistic and doable? No matter how serious you are about your craft hobby, you want to have some goals set for the nearest future. “Yeah, right!” Resolutions I promise not to hoard I promise to sort beads […]

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Rivers And Bridges Necklace

One Beaded Necklace: The Story Of Design Evolution

Posted Svetlana Design Laboratory

How often did you go through some of your old beaded pieces and wonder: what was I thinking creating this design? What happens when you no longer excited about your idea of a beaded piece you’ve started awhile ago? Is it more likely to end up in UFO pile or covered with new bead purchases […]

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Blue Lace Agate Pendant and Earrings Set

How To Teach Yourself CRAW Stitch

Posted Svetlana Tips

Cubic Right Angle Weave is called “the most versatile stitch” for a reason. I can’t imagine a thing this stitch couldn’t do. Serving many functions in beaded jewelry, CRAW is capable of adapting to numerous different beadwork applications. Ever since I learned it, I keep redesigning my already existing jewelry pieces in my mind using […]

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Earrings For Spring And Summer: long and spectacular!

Earrings For Spring And Summer. Long! Spectacular!

Posted Svetlana Design Laboratory, Fashion

When long earrings are in fashion again, I celebrate! The only reason to keep them long is to attract more attention! Isn’t it why women wear jewelry? Earrings are relatively fast to create and cheaper to buy at art and craft shows. It is the most popular jewelry item for artists as well as customers. […]

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Pearly Fish Statement Necklace - freshwater pearls, seed bead embroidery

Spring Creations 2 – Statement Necklaces

Posted Svetlana Design Laboratory, Fashion, Products

As a season of new beginnings, spring is a perfect time for open-minded creators and bold statements! It’s time to let the imagination run wild.  After gloomy rainy Northwestern winter, jewelry design ideas finally see the light of sun. Surprisingly (or not), they illustrate warm wishes for colorful and festive life. Spring Necklace With Rose […]

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How to use color cards for beadwork design - Svetlana.Gallery blog

How To Use Color Cards For Beadwork Design

Posted Svetlana Color, Tips

Not good at color matching? No problem! Let your local paint store do that for you! If you haven’t painted a wall in your house recently, chances are you passed by a local paint store many times without even thinking that it could help you design your next beadwork piece.  Just walk in and head […]

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3 Bead Embroidered Pendants - Design Laboratory

3 Bead Embroidered Pendants

Posted Svetlana Design Laboratory, Products

These three bead embroidered pendants are my recent works I completed for a friend and jewelry maker to complement her viking knit necklaces. Usually my friend and jewelry artist who specializes in viking knit necklaces trusts me with my design choices and I am free to create anything I like. With absolutely no limitations I […]

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Wet Rocks Beaded Bracelet -

Herringbone Stitch Beaded Bracelet Idea

Posted Svetlana Beading Ideas, Design Laboratory

Some time ago I spent weeks exploring the herringbone stitch. I made earrings, necklaces, and different components until I finally got hooked on one herringbone stitch beaded bracelet idea. Wavy patterns for herringbone stitched necklaces are probably familiar to many of you. Herringbone stitch creates a flexible structure that allows you to incorporate other beads […]

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