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Crescent Bead Patterns

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Did you ever fall in love with a bead? Days go by, and you keep shopping around for more colors of the same beads, more patterns with the same beads, more design ideas with the same beads… Ahhh, I know how it feels! Especially, if those beads are Crescent beads! What are the Crescent beads? […]

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Crescent Beads In Bead Embroidery

Crescent Beads In Bead Embroidery. Tips And Ideas.

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When it comes to bead embroidery, not all the beads are created equally. Some are perfect for covering flat areas and coloring them, some – might be more compelling and suitable for a variety of tasks. Crescent beads are fun to use for bead embroidery. Let’s explore how! Crescent Beads In Bead Embroidery. Larger beads […]

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