CRAW Stitch Bracelet Idea with Labradorite Beads - Svetlana.Gallery

CRAW Stitch Bracelet Idea with Labradorite Beads

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Every one of us has a pack of beads in a stash that didn’t quite make it into a beading project. Not yet. There are million of reasons why. Some of them can even be excuses! I didn’t know what to do with them, or I couldn’t quite match the colors to use them in […]

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Right Angle Weave Stitch Basic Beading Instructions

Right Angle Weave Stitch Basic Instructions

Posted Svetlana Tutorials

Right Angle Weave stitch is one of the off-loom beading techniques. Beaders also use an abbreviation and call this stitch RAW. RAW is very versatile stitch and can be used for many different purposes in the beadwork design. To start experimenting you need to understand the basics of it. ABC of RAW In Three Easy […]

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Iris Flower Delica Bead Color Palettes - Palette #2

Iris Flower Delica Bead Color Palettes

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Do you get inspired by colors of blooming flowers? After a recent visit to an iris farm in Salem, Oregon I was so inspired by great colors of irises that I had trouble falling asleep for several days. I enjoyed looking at photographs I made and imagining designs I could create using these colors. My […]

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City Style Beaded Bracelet Idea - Peyote Stitch Metallic Colors - Svetlana.Gallery Beading and Embroidery

City Style Beaded Bracelet Idea

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Did you notice, city style fashion preferences often do not include too many color variations? When in a city, it is always safe to wear black, gray, white or muted tones of blue, green, burgundy, purple and pink. A bright color is often combined with one of the safe colors. Therefore, jewelry preferences reflect “safe” […]

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Azalea After Rain. Flowers - my inspiration! Photo portraits of Azalea, Rhododendron, Columbine, Rose, Fuchsia - Svetlana.Gallery Photography

Flowers – My Inspiration! Photo Portraits Of Columbine, Azalea, Rhododendron, Fuchsia, Rose

Posted Svetlana Photography
One of the sources of my inspiration is my garden! Flowers start blooming early in spring! Many colors paint up my front and back yard starting from February to late May. At this time of the year, flowers become my inspiration for more colorful beaded jewelry projects. I love photographing them at the different times [...]

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Earring Design Ideas for 12 mm Rivoli Crystal

Earring Design Ideas for 12 mm Rivoli Crystal

Posted Svetlana Beading Ideas, Design Laboratory

What if I say designing an earring around a Rivoli crystal is easy? Moreover, the round shape of Rivoli might even call for other shapes to play with! I am sure, that square, triangular or rectangular earring shapes are all familiar to you. So let’s explore, how can you design a lovely pair of earring […]

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How Good Lighting Can Improve Beaded Jewelry Sales at Craft Shows - Svetlana.Gallery

How Good Lighting Can Improve Beaded Jewelry Sales At Craft Shows

Posted Svetlana Bead Business

What is good lighting for selling beaded jewelry at art and craft shows? Can bad lighting hurt your sales? How can you arrange your lighting, so it helps you sell more of your beaded jewelry? After several years of experiments, I can share my ideas, mistakes, and suggestions! Let me start with the most important […]

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Feeling Royal I Rivers and Bridges Necklace Photography by Rob Woodcox

Beaded Jewelry in Art and Photography

Posted Svetlana Art Museums Exhibitions, Fashion, Photography

Beaded jewelry is the best fashionable accessory anyone can choose for the art project. Unlike fine jewelry, it has much more potential expressions that some people might imagine. From dreamy lace patterns to exotic animals, beadwork can illustrate one’s vivid imagination the unique way – through woven beads. Recently I received an invitation to participate […]

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Luna City Necklace Bead Embroidery Experiment

Luna City Necklace Bead Embroidery Experiment

Posted Svetlana Bead Embroidery, Design Laboratory

“Until you step into the unknown, you don’t know what you’re made of.” -Roy T. Bennett Luna City necklace bead embroidery experiment was an adventure worth sharing. Every step of the way was full of surprises. Every detail was leading me to a new idea. Every stitch was part of a journey – a bead […]

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20 Reasons To Love Beading

20 Reasons To Fall In Love With Beading

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We come from different backgrounds. We grew up in various parts of the world. We love different music. We have different political views. But there is one thing that unites us: love for beading. We love beading, and I doubt, we need reasons to explain our affection. After all, love is beyond reasons. We just […]

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