Feeling Royal I Rivers and Bridges Necklace Photography by Rob Woodcox

Beaded Jewelry in Art and Photography

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Beaded jewelry is the best fashionable accessory anyone can choose for the art project. Unlike fine jewelry, it has much more potential expressions that some people might imagine. From dreamy lace patterns to exotic animals, beadwork can illustrate one’s vivid imagination the unique way – through woven beads. Recently I received an invitation to participate […]

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Rivers And Bridges Necklace II

Italian or Russian, it is certainly The Style

Posted Svetlana Fashion

Recently I have participated in Gathering of the Guilds show in Portland, Oregon and received an interesting comment. A couple was looking at my Bridges and Rivers II necklace drawing circles in the air and mentioning Italian Style exhibition that was currently on in Portland Art Museum. Apparently they found a resemblance in this necklace […]

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