Feeling Royal I Rivers and Bridges Necklace Photography by Rob Woodcox

Beaded Jewelry in Art and Photography

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Beaded jewelry is the best fashionable accessory anyone can choose for the art project. Unlike fine jewelry, it has much more potential expressions that some people might imagine. From dreamy lace patterns to exotic animals, beadwork can illustrate one’s vivid imagination the unique way – through woven beads. Recently I received an invitation to participate […]

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Earrings For Spring And Summer: long and spectacular!

Earrings For Spring And Summer. Long! Spectacular!

Posted Svetlana Design Laboratory, Fashion

When long earrings are in fashion again, I celebrate! The only reason to keep them long is to attract more attention! Isn’t it why women wear jewelry? Earrings are relatively fast to create and cheaper to buy at art and craft shows. It is the most popular jewelry item for artists as well as customers. […]

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Pearly Fish Statement Necklace - freshwater pearls, seed bead embroidery

Spring Creations 2 – Statement Necklaces

Posted Svetlana Design Laboratory, Fashion, Products

As a season of new beginnings, spring is a perfect time for open-minded creators and bold statements! It’s time to let the imagination run wild.  After gloomy rainy Northwestern winter, jewelry design ideas finally see the light of sun. Surprisingly (or not), they illustrate warm wishes for colorful and festive life. Spring Necklace With Rose […]

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Fancy Earrings "Water Flower" Gold Version

Reversible Fashion Jewelry With Crescent Beads

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In the era of everyday practicality stirred with fashion amusement, I am all for reversibility! Why not change sides occasionally? Why not reveal the other side? While reversible fashion jewelry is not new, CzechMates Crescent beads are. Well, relatively new to many people, like me, who are overwhelmed by number of bead designs available on the […]

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China: Through The Looking Glass Exhibition in Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Fashion Exhibition China Through The Looking Glass

Posted Svetlana Art Museums Exhibitions, Fashion

No visit to New York City happens without a visit to Metropolitan Museum of Art for me. Even if I wouldn’t be interested in any current exhibition, I would still spend a day viewing my favorite paintings, decorative objects or sculptures. Coincidentally, this year right before my trip I read about another wonderful fashion  exhibition […]

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Fish Pearl Pendant Bead Embroidery Handmade Jewelry by Svetlana Zoubkov

Fish Pearl Pendant Bead Embroidery

This Fish pearl pendant bead embroidery was created to feature pearls as part of a graphic image instead of decoration details. I dare to assume it was a successful attempt because the piece was sold at the first show I presented it.

Rivers And Bridges Necklace II

Italian or Russian, it is certainly The Style

Posted Svetlana Fashion

Recently I have participated in Gathering of the Guilds show in Portland, Oregon and received an interesting comment. A couple was looking at my Bridges and Rivers II necklace drawing circles in the air and mentioning Italian Style exhibition that was currently on in Portland Art Museum. Apparently they found a resemblance in this necklace […]

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Spring Creations

Posted Svetlana Bead Embroidery, Fashion, Products

Even though this spring season has become the busiest one in last couple of years for me in all the meanings but beading, I still managed to finish several jewelry pieces. I think, it is impossible for me to stop beading. One of the reasons might be the love for pearls and labradorite. Pearls never fail […]

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Christmas Necklace

Posted Svetlana Design Laboratory, Fashion

I have to admit; it has been months since I acquired these handmade glass beads from Alex Krupkin at Moonfire Glass. It looked like a summer project to me at first, but time was passing by and I could not settle with any idea how am I going to dress these beads and what design […]

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