Freeform Peyote Ring by Svetlana - Side View

Freeform Peyote Ring

Posted Svetlana Design Laboratory

The most wonderful thing about FreeForm Peyote  – there are no rules! Select any beads you like without questioning their size or measuring them. Mix up the colors and you are ready to go. This ring was created for Karen Williams challenge. It became my first ring I ever beaded. First I connected the two large purple […]

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Earrings For Spring And Summer: long and spectacular!

Earrings For Spring And Summer. Long! Spectacular!

Posted Svetlana Design Laboratory, Fashion

When long earrings are in fashion again, I celebrate! The only reason to keep them long is to attract more attention! Isn’t it why women wear jewelry? Earrings are relatively fast to create and cheaper to buy at art and craft shows. It is the most popular jewelry item for artists as well as customers. […]

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Pearly Fish Statement Necklace - freshwater pearls, seed bead embroidery

Spring Creations 2 – Statement Necklaces

Posted Svetlana Design Laboratory, Fashion, Products

As a season of new beginnings, spring is a perfect time for open-minded creators and bold statements! It’s time to let the imagination run wild.  After gloomy rainy Northwestern winter, jewelry design ideas finally see the light of sun. Surprisingly (or not), they illustrate warm wishes for colorful and festive life. Spring Necklace With Rose […]

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How to use color cards for beadwork design - Svetlana.Gallery blog

How To Use Color Cards For Beadwork Design

Posted Svetlana Color, Tips

Not good at color matching? No problem! Let your local paint store do that for you! If you haven’t painted a wall in your house recently, chances are you passed by a local paint store many times without even thinking that it could help you design your next beadwork piece.  Just walk in and head […]

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Beaded Heart Pendant: Mini Duos And Freeform Beadweaving Technique Explored

Beaded Heart Pendant: Mini Duos And Freeform Beadweaving Technique Explored

Posted Svetlana Beading Ideas, Design Laboratory

A heart of a bead artist is always open for new ideas. When the bead muse visits it feels almost like love… Love is in the air! And I don’t know if I’m just dreaming I don’t know if I feel sane but it is something that I must believe in… Being obsessed with two-sided […]

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Pyrite: Why Do I Want to Wear It

Posted Svetlana Gems and Pearls

I started incorporating pyrite beads into my jewelry about two years ago. I had read of the many uses, meanings, and healing properties of pyrite and I loved the way pyrite beautifully completed my designs. Wearing pyrite, I felt more confident and energetic.  Based on personal experience and my understanding of what I have read about […]

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Earrings With Ripple And Mushroom Button Beads Tutorial - Svetlana.Gallery

Earrings With Ripple And Mushroom Button Beads Tutorial

Posted Svetlana Tutorials

Ever wondered what to do with those beads you just bought? I totally understand! This was me when I first saw mushroom button beads! They looked so interesting and attractive, but what could I possibly make with them? It took me some time to find an easy way to create a simple yet very interesting pair […]

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How And When To Use A Big Eye Needle - Beading Tips

How And When To Use A Big Eye Needle

Posted Svetlana Beading Ideas, Tips

Have you ever been frustrated trying to thread a beading needle? Postponing a beading project just because you are tired of numerous attempts trying to thread that needle sound familiar to you? Luckily, there is a solution! The right tool for the job is a big eye needle. When I finished my little jade bead […]

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Fancy Earrings "Water Flower" Gold Version

Reversible Fashion Jewelry With Crescent Beads

Posted Svetlana Fashion, Products, Tutorials

In the era of everyday practicality stirred with fashion amusement, I am all for reversibility! Why not change sides occasionally? Why not reveal the other side? While reversible fashion jewelry is not new, CzechMates Crescent beads are. Well, relatively new to many people, like me, who are overwhelmed by number of bead designs available on the […]

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Holiday Beaded Earrings Tutorial - Odd Count Peyote Stitch

Holiday Beaded Earring Tutorial

Posted Svetlana Tutorials

I made these cute little earrings with Christmas time in mind. However, you don’t have to use Christmas colors at all. Pick any two colors of Delica beads and make a pair of earring for any holiday you like. Following these instructions you will get familiar with odd count peyote technique. Odd count peyote allows […]

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