Iris Flower Delica Bead Color Palettes - Palette #2

Iris Flower Delica Bead Color Palettes

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Do you get inspired by colors of blooming flowers? After a recent visit to an iris farm in Salem, Oregon I was so inspired by great colors of irises that I had trouble falling asleep for several days. I enjoyed looking at photographs I made and imagining designs I could create using these colors. My […]

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Azalea After Rain. Flowers - my inspiration! Photo portraits of Azalea, Rhododendron, Columbine, Rose, Fuchsia - Svetlana.Gallery Photography

Flowers – My Inspiration! Photo Portraits Of Columbine, Azalea, Rhododendron, Fuchsia, Rose

Posted Svetlana Photography
One of the sources of my inspiration is my garden! Flowers start blooming early in spring! Many colors paint up my front and back yard starting from February to late May. At this time of the year, flowers become my inspiration for more colorful beaded jewelry projects. I love photographing them at the different times [...]

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